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by Cameron Moss
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Hey Hey! Welcome to my keto journey~ 

   I’m Cameron! If you’ve stumbled across my page, it’s likely you’re either interested in starting your keto journey, or have recently started and are looking to learn more. However it is that you landed here, I know that it’s not by accident. I am a firm believer that we are exactly where we are supposed to be on our journey! I’d love to share a little with you about who I am, and how I ended up on this particular journey. 

    Let’s back it up to February 2016… A very good childhood friend reached out and stated that she had found something that she loved and she insisted I tried. She then proceeded to send me tons of links that would explain what it was that she was so excited about (can anyone relate? Lol) After seeing and hearing her excitement, I decided to give it a try! My experience started with Keto//OS Orange Dream, because this was the only flavor there was at the time. It was a Monday. As an esthetician in the  Spa and beauty space, it was my day off. I mixed a full serving of orange dream, and drank it down. Within moments, I felt a light bulb come on! The fog was lifted, my energy increased drastically, and I tackled my “To-Do list” in no time at all! My first thoughts…”Was it the drink?! Could that be why I’m feeling so amazing?! Is this actually good for my health?! Where do I get more?!” Needless to say, that was the beginning of an incredible life change. With each day, the experience was better. I truly thought “how can this keep getting better?” But it did…

   Within the first 10 weeks, I was down 3 pant sizes and feeling absolutely amazing! At this time, I was practicing as an esthetician and permanent makeup artist, and was owner of a full service day and medical spa. We decided we needed to start sharing this with clients right away! As we shared, the stories continued to roll in. Before we knew it, we had a team of hundreds, growing into thousands of people using and sharing the product. 

   As a mom to a house full of boys, in a tiny south Florida town, this product has been a game changer, but this business has been a LIFE changer. The Freedom to build a business based on such a little monetary “buy-in” and do so with the flexibility to make my own schedule and work anywhere in the world, has been the greatest unexpected blessing I could’ve ever imagined. 

   If you’re looking for better in any areas of your life, this is the vehicle and community to give it to you! Wanna change peoples health and well being? Share ketones with them! Wanna give them an option for a plan b or an additional stream of revenue? Share the business with them! 


Cameron Moss

To follow me on my journey, click this link to head to my facebook page!

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