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Start Your Experience!

by Cameron Moss
Start Your Experience!


Welcome to your Keto Experience and congrats on taking the first step to better!

Whether you’re starting out with a 5/10 day experience, or as a new customer that has just received their full box, these are some helpful getting started tips. I want you to know I’m here to support you along your journey, as is the entire Pruvit community. Accountability can be key for a successful journey! If you know that you’ll be needing more accountability, make sure to stay in touch! I love to hearing from you! I know you may not know what to expect with this journey, and I want you to be excited what you’re in for, so I’ve got a little challenge for you! Head over to WE INSPIRE ON and watch 3-5 of those 3 minute videos! This will give you a little insight on what you have to look forward to!

Your start guide can be found here — KETO HACKERS GUIDE

• Don’t forget to take before photos & measurements!

• Start with 1/2 a pack the first day or two. If all goes well (no GI distress) your first day then you may move up to a full pack for optimal results. Any GI distress would be due to your body getting adapted to the ketones, MCTs , and starting to improve your gut health.

• Drink PLENTY of water; As much as half your body weight in OZ every day, or more!
• It is also recommended that you are consuming electrolytes as well; i.e pink Himalayan sea salt, propel, powder or liquid electrolytes (can be found on amazon).
• Drink your ketones every day, consecutively, no matter if you’re eating “right” or not. One of the biggest “mistakes” I see being made is people not drinking their ketones on days that they are not eating right. Consistency is key as your body adapts to the ketones.
• A slight gain/fluctuation in weight between day 1 – 3 is sometimes experienced, if you are not staying hydrated. Some noticeable signs of dehydration are chapped lips, dry skin, headaches, & fatigue.

If you’re looking to see fat loss, I recommend doing as low carb as possible. If you’re already eating clean, just add the ketones in. If you’ve got some things in your diet you need to clean up, start making those changes with the help of your ketones kicking those cravings. I recommend having your ketones on an empty stomach or at least an hour away from food or medications.
It is common to see a loss in inches before a loss in weight. Most see loss of weight around day 15, after the “whoosh” effect; some people begin losing from day 1, but everyone is different. If you experience a gain in weight, this is an indication of needing more water.

You can find more awesome resources at KETO U



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